The New Single “IBOMW” by Madman State Is About To Drop!

As if to set the tone for Valentine’s Day, Madman State has returned with a seductive and fashionable new single. This single, “IBOMW,” is a sneak peek of Madman State’s debut album, appropriately titled “Work In Progress.”

With its easygoing, ambient beat created by BLK—who also happens to make a prominent cameo on the track—the song serves as the entry point to the musical development of Madman State. The atmospheric blend that “IBOMW” creates with its soothing melodies and enticing rap sections makes for an enthralling listening experience.

The multitalented Madman State is showcased in “IBOMW,” the first single from the forthcoming project. Showcasing his talent for making music that touches people deeply, the musician deftly blends his unique vocal style with a soothing and ambient sound.

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, “IBOMW” has arrived as the ideal background music for individuals in search of a hint of passion and allure. The mesmerizing sounds of the song will be enhanced by an accompanying music video, which Madman State claims will be released alongside it.
As a taste of what’s to come from Madman State’s next album ‘Work In Progress,’ “IBOMW” has listeners itching to hear more. The sensual and silky sounds of this song give out a positive impression about Madman State’s debut album and the thrilling trip that his fans may look forward to.

Inviting you to feel the warmth and allure of “IBOMW,” a musical ode to love and desire, Madman State prepares to transport you into his entrancing universe. Madman State is getting ready to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable for music lovers all over the world, so be sure to stay tuned for the release of the music video.

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